The Justice card from the in progress Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot. a new cat tarot designed by BabaBarock.
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A picture of Justice provokes new thoughts

A collaged "klosterarbeit" picture of Justice leads a serious character to contemplative thoughts.

We based our Justice picture (scroll down to see the final card) on a wonderful handmade vintage piece of “klosterarbeit” (churchwork or monastery or convent work) that we sourced from Vienna.  It is a mixture of fabric, paint and “dresden paper” – simply wonderful. It came as one of a pair, the other being a picture of St. Cecilia. We have shown both here. Although our klosterarbeit pieces are later, pictures like these were extensively produced from the  16th and 17th century onwards.  

For this card, we wanted to show more of a close-up and a new way of looking at the image. It’s very different from our original Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot Justice card as this time round, we wanted something more emotional and intense.

A monastery, klosterarbeit picture of Justice
A fabric collaged "klosterarbeit" monastery work picture of Justice. From the BabaBarock collection.
A fabric collaged 19th century "koster arbeit" monastery craftwork picture of St Cecilia.
A fabric collaged "klosterarbeit" monastery work picture of St Cecilia. From the BabaBarock collection.

In its totality, it’s not so obviously a theatrical scene, but we imagine it as a souvenir picture of a famous performance. Such pictures became very popular in 19th century England and were known as “tinsel prints”, as the print was usually coloured in and “tinselled” with pieces of metallic paper and sometimes fabric.

So the cat looking at this picture may have a whole variety of thoughts going through his head about a theatrical experience involving an actress playing the part of Justice.

Tinsel print of Madame Vestris as Apollo
A Victorian tinsel print of Madame Vestris as Apollo. Public domain.
Tinsel print of Grimaldi as a clown
Theatrical 19th century tinsel print showing Grimaldi playing a clown. From the BabaBarock collection.

This is the final image. Though the collaged cat picture has delicately pretty fabrics and prints, the Justice cat herself is a stern figure who brandishes her sword and scales. 

By the way, the clouds on this picture are drawn in a characteristic way that was commonly used in baroque theatrical scenes – you’ll see more like them soon in our Chariot card.

The Justice card from The Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot. A new cat tarot by BabaBarock
The new Justice card from the upcoming Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot. Grid and copyright will not be on the final card.
Justice card from The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot, a Cat Tarot by BabaBarock, 2003
The Justice card from our original Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot. This deck is OOP and we have no plans to reprint.
Justice card from the original RWS tarot
By Pamela Colman Smith - a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and in the public domain

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