The images for the new Chariot card in The Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot.
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And now… a new Chariot descends from on high, with striped cat, leopards and a starry sky.

Our lavish new Chariot card has an operatic drama - and leopards!

The new Chariot card for The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot came about because of inspiration from a film. When we saw the Aria of Dario scene from “Farinelli” (the link is below), we knew that we wanted to show a chariot descending from the fly tower/rafters above the stage. 

This allowed us to make a suitably dramatic scene in which our own chariot is also suspended from the theatre rafters. We found an extraordinary porcelain chariot, thought to be 18th century, in which the chariot is drawn by extraordinary laughing leopards rather than the more usual mythical beasts – we thought these were not only appropriately feline, but also simply quite wonderful. 

These porcelain chariots, usually with mythical themes were fairly popular motifs in decorative European porcelain from this time, as were leopards,  oddly enough .  However, the leopards are usually rather serious and alarming looking, so we just loved that we found a piece of ceramics in which they seemed to be smiling or laughing rather than snarling. It adds a touch of the absurd.

We used part of a miniature suit of armour and made a tunic from a 1940s curtain – simply because it had the look and also the soft feel that we needed. The metallic trim is a genuinely antique metal trim (it looks so much better than modern synthetic trims) that we sourced from Germany.

Here is the final image. We are still trying to decide if the armoured cat is yowling or, perhaps, actually singing,

The golden armour and helmet will of course be cold-stamped in the final card so it will be quite splendid!

Final design for the new Chariot card in The Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot.

You can see more armoured cats in other cards including The Knight of Wands, The Knight of Cups and The Knight of Swords.


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