What is The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Project?

We are making a whole new set of images that all show The Bohemian Cats performing (or perhaps sometimes watching a performance or working behind the scenes) in a Baroque Theatre. We expect the project to have several forms:

  • The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Tarot – a limited edition deck and also an open edition deck. There will be a companion book for the tarot decks but this is not the same as the big art book (see below).
  • The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Book – this will be a large “art book” – it’s aimed more at adults than children, though some children may also, of course, enjoy it. It will show Bohemian Cats theatre scenes and will often add more insight and background to the characters and scenes that feature in the cards.
  • Bohemian Cats designs for embroideries, textiles and more. We will be developing these as we go along. Do feel free to contact us if there is anything in particular you would love to see us make.

When will The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Tarot be published?

We are hoping to open pre-orders in 2024, with publication about six months after that. 

Is this a new version of the original Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot?

No, this is an entirely new deck. We have no plans to reprint the original deck.

When will The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Book be published?

We are also hoping to open pre-orders for the art book in 2024, with publication about six months after that. 

Is the art book the same as the companion book/guidebook for the tarot?

These are two separate publications. There will be a useful companion book/guidebook for the tarot deck. In our usual good quality paperback format, this will include illustrations of the cards, background information and ways of reading, interpretations, spreads and so on.

The art book – which we are very excited about – will be a much larger hardback book with Bohemian Cats Theatre scenes, most of which will be related to, but not exactly the same as, the tarot card scenes. This will all become much clearer as we go along and show pictures from both deck and art book.

Would you be able to put one of my cats into these publications?

We would love to include your special cats, but we have tried this in the past and found it doesn’t work very well. We have to have very (very) sharp pictures at high resolution, with little or no background. But that’s not all – the cats also have to have the expressions and head pose we need and be lit from the right angle. As this is very difficult to arrange, we will rarely be able to include any cats on request. Many apologies about this, as it’s something we would otherwise love to be able to do