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The magic and enchantment of cold stamped cards

As you may know if you are familiar with our work, in recent years we have been applying the technique of “cold stamping” within our imagery and so we’d like to show you some Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot cold stamped cards so that you can see how it looks and the way it brings the imagery to life.

We’re unusual because we don’t just put cold stamping into spots or separate areas like borders. Instead, we design it into the whole image – a process that’s time-consuming and tricky both for us and our printers. However, as you can see, it gives a wonderfully dynamic and atmospheric effect that can be quite magical so we think it’s worth the effort!

These short videos give a glimpse of how some of our sample cards look with the full cold stamping applied. 

We can’t wait to see how this will look when the entire tarot deck is printed – we’re excited and hope you are too!

Question about cold stamped cards

Someone told me that the ink is metal, is that correct?

No! It looks metallic but it’s actually not. It’s also put down first, before the ink and varnish, so it’s all completely safe and user-friendly. While we’re discussing this, it might be worth saying again that we print and produce in Europe, (mostly Czech Republic) where health and safety standards and workers conditions are well regulated.

There is lots of information online about cold stamping. Here, for example, is a video. You’ll see that they don’t discuss cold stamping within the image – this is complex and we think pretty much unique to BabaBarock tarot designs.

Why do you cold stamp all your decks nowadays?

First and foremost, because we love the unique effect that cold stamping within the image (rather than just in areas like borders) gives. There is a range of metallic colours that seem to change as the cards are moved – it’s quite magical.
We also know that cold stamping is extremely difficult for counterfeiters to copy – it’s a skilled process to design it within the imagery and it has to be very carefully printed. So it not only makes our decks unique, it also helps to protect them from the illegal fakery and bootlegging that has sadly become so common. 

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