The Five of Pentacles card. The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot.
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In urgent need of love and assistance – the Five of Pentacles and cat rescue.

Our Five of Pentacles is a reminder of cats in need, and why cat rescue makes a huge difference.

The Five of Pentacles is one of those cards that many people dread coming up in a reading. It speaks of deprivation, hardship, poverty and need. But there is a kinder and more hopeful side to this card also. It can remind us that help is available, and all is not lost – as long as we know who to turn to. It also tells of love and mutual support in times of trouble. In our deck, it acts as a reminder of the continuing need for cat rescue – so many cats do fall on hard times for one reason or another.

We wanted, when we sketched this card, to show that the cats were struggling,  but also that the two of them are a mutually supportive pair.  The Five of Pentacles is not a card of despair, it’s about acknowledging times of hardship, either our own or that of others, and being able and willing to look for help when it’s needed.

The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot (cat tarot), Five of Pentacles card

A story of an elderly feral who found a home with us. Caring for Cedric in his final years.

The cat depicted here in the Five of Pentacles as the poor street boy is in fact “Cedric” a feral who came to live with us in our house and garden in Killarney.

Cedric appeared in the garden, obviously ill and struggling to survive. We decided that cat rescue was urgently needed, so we fed him and he began to come back regularly and eventually came inside and quickly discovered our sofa. He was an easy-going character and, once he got used to us, loved to be petted and given attention.

We took him to the vet, but there wasn’t a lot to be done – he had several long-standing illnesses. However, he seemed happy and so we just carried on doing what we could to make him comfortable. Amazingly, considering the state he was in when he first arrived, he was with us for about two years, and became very affectionate and domestic. He spent his final days sitting, paws crossed, in front of our chicken run, gazing contemplatively at the chickens. To the end, he was loved and cared for, and he knew it.

Cedric takes over a carved folk chair. Cat rescue
Cedric was excellent at finding the most comfortable chair in the kitchen.
Alex with Cedric, our rescue cat, and Bonz
With Alex and our old guy (now sadly passed), Bonz, who some of you will recognise as our Chesire Cat in The Alice Tarot
Cedric our feral cat, hanging out with the chickens. Cat rescue.
In his final months, Cedric enjoyed watching our chickens (seen in their small run in this photo but they are mostly in a huge run or free in the garden). He never bothered them, but just loved to watch.

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