The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot shows a violin playing cat as the Three of Pentacles.
Bohemian Cats

The Maestro! Our Three of Pentacles violinist plays beautiful music.

The Three of Pentacles shows the Paganini of cats playing in a dramatic performance!

The Three of Pentacles card signifies attainment, accomplishment and mastery of a skill or an art. It can cover a whole range of possibilities, from a manual or craft skill such as knitting or carpentry, through to a maestro of music or brilliance and maturity in visual art or writing.

We have chosen to base this card on the image of a musician – and even violins! – in past work. In our Tarot of Prague, the card shows Mozart, the Estates Theatre in Prague (where Don Giovanni was premiered) and a Prague door sign for The House of the Three Violins.

The Three of Pentacles, The Tarot of Prague
The Three of Pentacles, The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot
Closeup of The Three of Pentacles card, Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot

The wonderfully ornate costume is made using antique Japanese fabric that was originally a maru obi. The pieces we buy and use are sold as craft fabric as they are no longer wearable when the silk becomes fragile over time. We are delighted to give them a whole new life as miniature baroque costumes.

We sourced the violin (it really is the right size for a cat!) in a fabulous antique auction in Germany, where we also found a miniature toyshop and kitchen that we hope to show you in the cards we are now working on. 

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