Bohemian Cats Tarot sketches
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The Bohemian Cats’ Theatre project – new beginnings

The original Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot and the Bohemian Cats picture book date all the way back to 2003/4 and has been through several versions since. We’ve always loved living with cats and it came naturally to us to build to make an entire fantasy world around them – the world of The Bohemian Cats, complete with characters like The Grumpy Persian and The Brave Tabby.

However, when the deck went out of print again in 2019, we finally decided that rather than another version, we’d instead make a whole new deck and in a first for us, an art book – both starting from, er, scratch!

Why did we begin entire new projects rather than just reprinting? Well, in the years since the original deck, we feel that our style as a studio has developed and we want to make images that reflect that and really use our enhanced illustration skills. We were excited to see where we could take “The Cats” now – and we decided that we wanted a dramatic setting with lots of action and emotion from our feline characters – so everything is now set in a rather crazy theatre in which a variety of spectacular performances take place

The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot Gold edition, by Baba Studio
The original Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot from 2003/4

Why an art book?

We want to show expanded views of many of the scenes going on in the cards – why does the Queen of Swords have her sword unsheathed? What are those shadowy trees surrounding The Hermit? Where is the Queen of Wands going in her fabulously decorative sedan chair?

We’re finding it entertaining to design and build these scenes and we hope you will too. Knowing a little more about the stories and characters behind them will also bring more depth and insight (and sometimes humour!) to readings with the deck. 

We will regularly be showing both the development of the cards and the book next year, so there is lots to share and enjoy. 

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