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The snarling Knight of Swords makes a scary attack!

The Knight of Swords is the most aggressive of the Tarot Courts.

All the Knights of Tarot are, in their own way, dramatic figures. But only the Knight of Swords also has the power to scare. Traditionally, this card is about someone who is clever and analytical, but also quick to attack and never afraid of a fight. 

In The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot, the Knight of Swords is a heavily armored cat riding a rearing horse. He is clearly riding into battle as he is snarling and waving his sword as he charges forward. Behind him is a dark and stormy sky, the clouds parted with lightning bolts.

This card urges a rapid pursuit of knowledge, fearlessly cutting through confusion with a sharp sword. The Knight of Swords, in this unique feline guise, inspires courage, adaptability, and a bold embrace of intellectual challenges. But it also warns of the importance of controlling your intellectual passions and not allowing them to provoke you into aggression and anger.

But to strike (no pun intended) a lighter note, we’ve made a very simple animation/diorama here for you to enjoy.

You can also see the final card, which we think will work beautifully in your readings with this deck.

Knight of Swords, The Bohemian Cats Theatre Tarot
The grid and copyright notice will not be on the final card. They are just there to protect the image.

You can see other Knights in the deck in our posts. The Knight of Wands is here and The much quieter and less flamboyant Knight of Pentacles is here. When all four knights are completed, we’ll be posting an interesting piece on our design decisions and why, for instance, we decided to have The Knights of Wands, Cups and Swords riding Baroque wooden horses, while the Knight of Pentacles pushes a hobby horse. 

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